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doctor-strange-cloakIf it were up to me, I won’t go to see Dr. Strange. Not my type. But, as the self-centered Benedict Cumberbatch realizes, we need to learn to comprise, from time to time, JK -:). I’m very glad to have gone – thanks children – a great movie that I really enjoyed. The audiences agree with me, in two days, we forked over US$325.4 million, doubling its budget of $165 mil. The movie is very much in line with the comic, even the red cape is as memorable as in the comic.

Comic characters have been hot in the recent decade or two. At the center of it all, is Stan Lee and New York City.  The 93 years old New York Jew, Lee’s last name was Lieber who began his career in 1939 Timely Comics, with a job that’s making sure the ink for cartoonists were filled.

img_2432DC (detective comics) and Marvel were/are the two major American comic houses that both started in New York. DC used to be on 4th Avenue in NYC, moved to Burbank CA in 2015 has Batman and Superman while Marvel that still headquartered in NYC, and associates with Lee owns pretty much the rest well known characters – Spider-ManIron ManCaptain AmericaHulkThorFantastic FourDaredevilX-Men; Ant Man …, so many to list.

img_2435Although all these superhero characters live in a far away universe but their human flaws make relate-able, that they come from a normal kid who’s NOT the coolest and most popular, actually just the opposite.

Lee’s a few long time associates: Jack Kirby (a NY Jew) Steve Ditko & John Romita, Sr. a New Yorker. Kirby has passed away. Unlike Ditko shuns limelight, Lee makes cameos appearance in all the movies (Google All Stan Lee cameos – here is one, updated to Deadpool 2016): look for his in Dr. Strange too “this is hilarious…”

The part of Wang and Hong Kong is a nice touch for getting the Chinese market, I suppose? Zhang Yimou is directing a $150 mil budget movie with Matt Damon, coming Feb 2017 (trailer), for Chinese New Year, probably.

Today is also the New York City Marathon (NYT coverage), the largest in the world. Mary Keitany of Kenya won her third consecutive victory in 2 hours 24:26 and 20-year-old Eritrean (Eritrea Africa) – the youngest winner in race history, Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, won in 2:07:51.

You go New York!

img_2426如果取决于我,我是绝不会去看 斯特兰奇博士。 不合俺口味。 但是,正如自我为中心的卷福(本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇)意识到的,我们需要学习包容,(多少开玩笑哈,JK – :)。 我很高兴已经去看了 – 感谢孩子 – 一部 写的好/ 拍的好/演的好的电影,我真的很喜欢。 观众同意我的看法,在两天内,我们花了3.254亿美元 票房纪录. 电影的预算仅为1.65亿美元。 这部电影非常符合漫画,甚至红色披风也像漫画一样难忘。

漫画人物在近十几年来一直很热。 在这一切的中心,是斯坦李和纽约市。 93岁的纽约犹太人,李的姓氏原本是Lieber,他的职业生涯开始于1939年的 时代漫画,主要工作就是填补墨水 – 确保漫画家们的有足够的墨水。

DC(侦探漫画)和Marvel是两个在纽约开始的美国漫画公司。 侦探漫画曾经在纽约的第四大道,在2015年迁到加州的Burbank, 有蝙蝠侠和超人,而 Marvel 总部仍然设在纽约,与李的联系深厚,几乎拥有其余的知名卡通人物 – 蜘蛛人; 钢铁侠; 美国队长; 绿巨人 雷神; 神奇四侠; Daredevil; X战警; 蚂蚁人… 手指不够用了. 多不胜数.

虽然所有这些超级英雄角色生活在一个遥远的宇宙,但他们的缺陷使我们可以产生共鸣. 这个可能和李及几个长时间同事的背景有关 – 他们都没有背景. 来自一个正常的家庭,再普通不过的孩子 –  绝对不是最酷和最受欢迎,实际上恰恰相反。李的几个长时间的同事:杰克柯比(纽约犹太人)史蒂夫·迪特科 和 约翰·罗米塔(也是纽约人)。 柯比已经过世了。 与Ditko不同的是,李喜欢打酱油,在每个电影里演个微不足道的角色(谷歌所有Stan Lee的故事 – 这里是一个,更新到 Deadpool 2016寻找他的 Dr Strange 里的角色 … “这真可笑…”

Dr Strange 里 王和香港的部分对于获得中国市场是一个很好的办法.  张艺谋正在指导一个1.5亿美元的预算电影与马特·达蒙,2017年2月(预告片),农历新年上演.

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