The top level domain names

They expand from initial 21 generic names, such as .com, .edu and .gov etc. to current 1000+, including non English. Each top name cost about US$180,000 to apply. Google is the second largest applicant with 100+.

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The annual fee on hosting site Dream Host varies: .car and .cars are the most expensive so far, costing US$2,500; .theatre is $625, ( .theater is $49.95)  .movie is $299.95, the least expensive ones are .xyz, .club, etc., cost less than a dollar a year or for the first year.

Looking at .theatre and .theater example, I’m wondering how to deal with  刘/劉  and 张/張 – paying double?

顶级网络名从最初的21个通用名称(如 .com, .edu .gov 等)扩展到当前1000+, 包括非英语.  每个顶级名称申请费大约 18万美元. 谷歌 Google 是第二大申请人, 拥有超过100+ 个.

托管网站 Dream Host 的年费差别很大 是迄今为止最昂贵的, $2,500; .theatre$ 625,(反而 .theater 是$ 49.95).movie 是 $ 299.95. 最便宜的是 等, 少于 1 美元一年或第一年.

签于  .car 和 .cars, .theatre 和 .theater 例子, 我想 刘/劉  和 张/張  也要付双倍!?

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