A skillful renter 每个房东的噩梦

On Dec 19, 2004, the New York Times reported a serial high end deadbeat who once played for the New York Giants, now posing as an international financier, rented three floors in a brownstone from Dr. Berryl Fox, a widow with a young son. The details:

  • $5,800 a month from April 2003
  • six months later, they stopped paying
  • 15 months battle ensured, while living in the same buidling
  • 3 bankruptcy filings
  • 4 eviction notices
  • a mysterious foreign bank draft that took two months to clear and then was not honored
  • Mr. Hall owed $81,000 in back rent, excluding legal fees

Even Mr. Hall lawyer says, “Peter is a brilliant guy, but here, he is using protections and rights available to all tenants.”

The funny part of this story is, a little over a month later, NYT reports Landlord’s Nightmare Gets a New Landlord, that Mr. Hall just signed another lease, 2 year period, paying $9,500 a month, with river view. When the new landlord learned of Mr. Hall’s history, he sued Mr. Hall on Dec 30, 2004. Although the landlord couldn’t null the lease, but is able to put a few restrictions on Mr. Hall, and paying up front $68,600, to be allowed to move in.

How would Mr. Hall behave at this building?

每个房东的噩梦: 一个熟悉并且虐待法律的租客 (文学城)

(根据BrickUnderground.com交易费用:指南对于纽约的买家和卖家, 他们建议一般买家预算上2-4%  卖家 8-10%)

2004年12月19日,纽约时报报道曾经效力于纽约美式足球巨人队现在自称国际金融家的侯先生, 赖账, 不付房租。他和太太及二个儿子自2003年四月起租了福克斯博士的三层楼。 细节:

  • 月租$5,800, 从2003年4月开始
  • 半年后,他们停止支付
  • 接下来15个月法律程序,仍然住在一起
  • 3破产申请
  • 4驱逐通知
  • 一个神秘的外资银行不能兑现的支票
  • 最终,侯先生欠$81,000 租金,不包含律师费


这个故事的有趣的是,一个月后,纽约时报报道房东的恶梦得到了新的业主,即侯先生刚刚签署了另一项租赁,2年期,有河景,每月支付$9,500。当新的房东看到上个月纽约时报的报道得知侯先生的光荣历史,他于12月30日起诉侯先生.  虽然新房东不能废除租约,但能够加上一些制裁, 比如预付 $68,600. 不知道半年以后侯先生一家的表现如何.

纽约的租凭法律比较偏袒租客, 虽然烂苹果是少数 但是万一遇上一个,  至少一年的租金会泡汤. 我的一个至亲也遇上过一个烂苹果: 来看房子的是一对体面的老夫妇 但是搬进来的却是几个年轻人. 他们从第二个月就没有交过租金. 由于有法律保障, 十一个月后才把他们赶走.



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