Narcissism 自我陶醉

The Surf’s Always Up in the Chinese Hawaii
THE sun is out, the sand gleaming white, the waves rolling toward shore in clean, regular sets. At the edge of this palm-fringed paradise, the sea is a pale, minty hue and empty of people. Launching my surfboard from the beach on Hainan Island, I paddle out to catch a wave.

Hainan Island, China Hainan Island has often been called the Chinese Hawaii, and indeed, it is the only tropical beach destination in China. With coasts on the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin, about a 90-minute flight southwest of Hong Kong, this island, slightly bigger than Maryland, is attracting hordes of Chinese in the market for a little sun and fun.

Andy just laughed. “It’s 自我陶醉 ziwo taozui, narcissi”. According to him, Hainan resembles nothing of Hawaii. The white sandy beaches of Hainai are not even on par with the public beach Jones Beach in New York, because they are neither white nor sandy. I got the picture.

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