Losing her iPod

Pumpkin just told me that she lost her iPod, one of her 2007 Christmas gifts.
“Oh .. .. you’re on your own.” I said, meaning if she wanted another one, she’ll have to use her own allowance.
Over the dinner, she told me that it had lost a month ago and she waited for this long to tell me was in hope that she’d find it. No entirely unrealistic.
“There have been cases of stolen goods at school lately.” She told me.
I gave it thought and felt should I be a bit more gracious or diplomatic, I probably would have said ..
“Oh sorry love, I knew how much did you love that thing.”
Knew a finishing school for adult? [p.s. my g/f told me to take a parenting class instead, and added that lamaze doesn’t count .. :)]
The point is she’s a discipline and responsible kid who does take care of her stuffs, schedule, etc. and she felt bad about it ..
I should apologize.

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