Prof Ding’s chocolate

When my g/f mentioned about Ding sneak out to her older son with chocolate, I was for a moment dumb founded, ‘absent from work?’

“No, she didn’t want her hubby to know. She worried he might not like that ..” Ding was very close to her dad when they shared an office.

“Where’s love me, love my dog?” – 爱屋及乌

“Oh, come on, you know the step-mother stereotype .. Chinese just don’t treat their step or adapted child well the way West does.”

That’s true, although I don’t know why. Selfish? Child daughter-in-law – 童养媳? Why can’t two intelligent adults extend their love and affection to their partner’s children too? Few years back, Kinglazy and Slowpoke were lobbying for an additional sibling, he wanted a bro and of course she wanted a barbie. One of my Chinese g/f here asked me what’s my decision.
“I don’t think so… in any event, IF we were going to have the 3rd, most likely would be an adoption.”
She looked at me and pointedly said, “how could you even consider that? You have two children and you won’t treat the adapted as well as your own.”
I was offended, needless to say, but mostly sight at people’s profound or stubborn upbringing.

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