Tiananmen moms urge open debate

I’m not sure China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.. needs an open debate or a resolution. It seemed to me, a few college kids seized the opportunity and profited handsomely on those who died/jailed – blood shed and lives ruined. Back in 1989, China was just opening up, lots of uncertainty and frustration; a few youngsters just had the day of their lives. Very unfortunately, those ‘student leaders’ had no version: look at them, has any one of them matured into a remarkable endeavor, either in politics or otherwise? Last I heard, Wuer Kaixi quitted Harvard (Reportedly, he didn’t really fit there. One incident was he was giving a speech but after seeing only skeleton of people in the audience he left in anger. Kiddo, you’re nothing here.), waited at tables, and then married a wealthy Taiwanese. You know things are gloomy when they drifted to Taiwan, couldn’t make it elsewhere. Chai Ling had gotten her MBA in the US, married a Caucasian, and started few businesses, was being sued left and right; funnily enough, she asked the reporter (couldn’t remember was Newsweek or BusinessWeek) not to report the lawsuits; that was a while ago. I often thought about Mao Zedong when thinking or talking about TSC. Mao was a student when he started. But he had a version. He had plan, and executed that plan. Steven Ballmer likes to say “Get the shxt done”. Yes, it takes a tremendous resolve to success at anything, large or small. Like in trading, have a plan, and trade the plan.

In this Reuters report, it mentioned one of the mothers is the retired professor Ding Zilin, who’s teenage son was killed at TSC. I remotely knew her, having met her few times because she’s colleague of my g/f’s dad in Beijing, and her older son was in my grade since middle school. When her younger son was killed, my g/f Yishi and I had long conversion on the TSC while it unfolded under the full scope of the 24 hours cable news coverage. The son was not involved in any thing, rather than out of curiosity, ‘escaped’ the apartment and went to Tiananmen Sq – his mom Ding had prohibited him going in the first place… At that time, most people in Beijing were staying away from the riot, because they didn’t like the feel of it, they didn’t appreciated that few kids with the aid of foreign reporters making something out for themselves. Thinking about it, at that time, how many local Chinese would or could have contact with foreign media sources? The kids were being used or vice versa? But most of all, they were totally unfit for the challenge. Zhou Enlai, Deng Xioaping etc. had started their careers in the West. Nowadays, with so many wealthy Chinese overseas, bank rolling a cause shouldn’t be a problem. But there hasn’t been any. Why? No leaders and no plans. And the communist party is doing just fine, they are what’s the country needed.

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