imageI came home from a month-long trip and find my two orchids are about to flower again.

Re blooming during my absent should have taught me a lesson – to stay away from them. But, guess I never learnt. And as I’m fussing with this colorful one – try to get it to stand upright – I broke it -:( You could image how mad I was!

It has been resting in the small re-cycled jar since. And doing just fine. After I cut the dead flowers, the stem is crying – please stay away from me!

The unbroken one, thank lord, has 10 bulbs and I hope they would fully bloom, one by one. The #6 begins to bloom on Father’s Day, #8 on Sunday June 26; #9 on July 1st., and the #10 blossomed on July 4th.

image image 06-10 image image 06-17 image 06-19 on Fathers Day IMG_2152 #7 06-22 image 2016-06-26 #8 image image 07-04 #10 image all 10 on 07-04

I couldn’t get enough of orchids, apparently.

image 2016-06-09 IMG_2412 image #2 06-16 image # 2 n 4 06-19

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