World Stamp Show in New York

The biggies for the philatelists around the world, every decade. This time is in the Big Apple, from May 28 to June 4th at Jacob K. Javits. 2006 was in Washington DC and  2026 would be in Boston.

imageThis Curtiss JN-4 airplane was used in 1918 US ¢24 stamp. The image of the plane was upside-down, nicknamed Inverted Jenny, hence became valuable. Wiki put the number in existence at 100.

In 2005, a block of four Inverted Jenny exchanged for a single US ¢1 Z Grill: PIMCO skipper Bill Gross gave up his IJ for which he acquired only two weeks prior, for a record at $2,97m, for Sundman’s blue Z Grill for which Dan Sundman paid $935,000 in 1998. (ReuterGoogle News) The uneven exchange has completed Gross’ US stamp from the 19th century – a feat no museum has accomplished. There are only two Z Grill in the world and the other one is owned by New York Public Library.

image image image IMG_0576

The Collectors Club, US Postal, Long Island Philatelics are all there. The convention center has expanded nicely.

image image image image

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