Mr. Guru goes to China

Yesterday during a brief pause from the flower picking, we discussed his upcoming seminar in Scottsdale later this month, and next one in Prague in June. He’s been to Prague last year and received great reception there. Then out of blue, he said his wife would like to visit China, and he’d like to have a seminar there.
“Irene, why don’t you set up one there for me?”
Cool, I’d love to do it.
Where would you like to have it, Beijing or Shanghai?
“I don’t care” he replied.
Or maybe Hong Kong, for they’re far more sophisticated.
“I don’t really know, and don’t care, just set up one.”
Roll up sleeves, let’s go to work. Gee, where do I start?
There are small continent of Czech in the chat room every day, I don’t see a single soul of Chinese, unless they’re too shy to come forward. If no one knows his magic, how can we rally people to attend his seminar? At Prague, they had to turn people away at door due to space limitation. Yuan is not a hard currency, how do they pay for his seminar, or I’m just way out of date? How about language, would it be funny for a live trading seminar, you use interpreter? I once met a risk management guru who was invited to the B-school at Beijing U, he gave straight English lesson, (I forgot if there was a translator on site) but those students are the brightest in the country if they made it into BU… I worry the most is Chinese willing to pay for it? I saw there were always large amount people milling around at the broker offices, don’t know what they were doing there b/c they are not day traders. Yizang has certain amount invested, so the broker provides him with a plushy office, complete with fast Internet connection, TV, tea, … I didn’t understand why would he go there when you can accomplish all those comfortably at home? Maybe to talk shop there with others…
As I’m writing this, one reply came in, that some people will pay for it if you’re Soros, otherwise forget about it. … he also questioned my sanity of paying for a seminar, b/c seminar is free in China all support by some software companies … and concluded the seminar is not very good idea if I wanted to do something about China …

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