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Weekend 1: We left home at 9:30 – managed a game before departing (no game next week) and made to Buffalo at 5:30. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of Tappan Zee.

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First thing first: a hair cut. It’s more than hilarious. It’s late on a Saturday = options are limited. The only one who’s willing to take us is Brothers Barbershop on Bailey Ave. As soon as he went in the salon, I got a call: “Mom, do you have a pic?”
“?? A photo?” I asked
“Ya. They don’t know how to cut.”
Curiously, I went in to investigate.

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Brothers as it named, means brothers and they’ve never dealt with an Asian before. Oh boy. It’s all jolly and fun. The girl who’s cutting him is a high schooler who blushes. Oh boy!  The gent who sat on the first chair to the door, as it turned out, is the new admission officer at Media Study at UB. Thank lord I didn’t bad mouth the department. Yes the media officer was there first and isn’t done by the time we left. Hope my son would visit them again before leaving. One of the barbers so looks like Eddie Murphy.

Dinner is next. Buffalo is a mall city. Shopping malls are everywhere. Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga, is, perhaps sits at on the top of the mall list. The following day is the graduation ceremony.

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University at Buffalo Alumni Arena is packed. It’s cold – only 39 degrees, even snowed a bit but luckily didn’t rain on us. Is this called the silver linings? We went to Shango again.

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Aside from million strip malls, Buffalo is getting more Asians/Chinese. Chinese names dominated the mailboxes at his last apartment building. The immigrants certainly makes the city more attractive and interesting, IMHO. At an upstate universities during our tour, we were kind of late and happened to ran into the admission officer. He gladly gave us a brief overview then asked for his academic record, then offered him a full scholarship. But my son turned in down: too one color – white; just isn’t that interesting.

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We went to see Captain America 3, pit stopped at Whitney Point and East Branch. The weekend 2.

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