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600A9A67-2A28-42D9-81DB-F5CB78143D3EI needed a party favor for an event with my own logo. Preferably a cup 杯子, as it sounds bei in Chinese, which rhymes with eternity 辈.

The search for a cup on Taobao wasn’t easy due to wide range of selections. With the help of a cousin whom I have yet to meet, we narrowed down to this one, and even ordered a sample (red on the left – yes, there’s a typo.). It looks cute. The packaging is stylish. The price is affordable @ ¥5.80, less than a dollar (about $.90).

Contacting the vendor was a chord since I needed to download a app, which I tried but unsuccessful. My cousin did it for me. The logo design was ¥50 or free if I did it myself, which I insisted. The print was ¥50, regardless of quantity.

When we were ready to place the order, it’s approaching the Chinese New Year holiday. All the factories shut down for a week or two in China. My event was on March 8. I felt the vendor could have taken my order and ship after the long holiday. But they didn’t.

It’s another flurry of WeChat talks. Finally, finally, they took our order.

Next, the logo design. First, there was a long silence. The reason for that was the designer went home and there wasn’t wifi. Understood. When they resurfaced, for reason unclear, they had to redo what I did – such as font. And in the process, they misspell Shanghai – yes, thank lord I caught it.

D11B8EB7-BECF-4692-86A0-3FFAD42D0A11 (1)When design was finalized, it’s time to choose colors. On their web site, they shown six colors and indicated that customers can’t pick the colors – the cups come in 60 in a package. We asked, can we get all the colors? They said yes, of course.

Then, another long silence. My cousin had to contact them twice a day to see how they progressing. When the cups finally arrived, the size was wrong – the red color was the sample we ordered in the beginning. The belly on the large size seems to be bigger, which makes the cup looks cuddly. And the colors? Only three and none of them were in the display (six cups picture).

imageWell, well, well.

My cousin left a unsatisfactory comment. The vendor contacted me three times, asking us to take it down.

Yes, they refunded me the difference but the smaller size looks rather shabby and I don’t like these
3 colors they chose to send.

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