A lecture on China at Queens College

2010 was the Year of China in Queens College, one of the New York City colleges. I attended two lectures at LeFrak Concert Hall on Oct 5th:

    Queens College’s Distinguished Professor Morris Rossabi is a historian of China and Central Asia. He is the author of several books and numerous articles, and has contributed to several volumes of the Cambridge History of China. Professor Rossabi travels extensively to central Asia and Mongolia.
    France Pepper, executive director of Shen Wei Dance Arts, conducted a virtual trip along the Silk Road that ran from China’s ancient capital Chang’an (modern Xi’an) to the oases of the Taklamakan Desert in eastern Central Asia. The audience explored the art, culture, history, and geography of a region that once connected China to Europe and served as the trade route for many exotic goods and the exchange of people, religions, and ideas.

Professor Morris Rossabi gave a decent talk – I felt it’s well informed but the audience wasn’t responding to his point of views: that China is doing well with Tibet … At the conclusion of his lecture, he threw in that women are poorly treated in China, did the elderly audience breathed a relief: finally, they heard something familiar. What a joke.

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