Of human bondage with Goudey

Exciting! Another little coup in my otherwise very dull and solitary research: I found a gentleman who collects Chinese bonds!
I have been acquiring old bonds that bear my ancestor’s signatures. One of them pops up in Paris, which I have never seen in New York, nor it is in the Kuhlmann’s book (like Scott to postage stamps).

Trying to get bit education, I began looking up people listed in the Acknowledgements page of Kuhlmann’s book. First person, Park Beck who turned up in NYT’s Obituary in 1989. Second person Ulrich Drumm showed up on amazon.de, doesn’t look easy to get his phone or e-mail in Germany. Third person John F. Goudey on the 20-person list lives near by, Canada (closer than across the pond, correct?) with a phone number. Okay, I know it’s kind of late and rude, but I just couldn’t resist calling immediately. As luck would shine on me from time to time, the gentleman answered it himself on the second ring!!! We had lovely talk … oh … he chuckled when he asked what I paid for those junk bonds. So what, I over pay for my cloth too (few my girlfriends like to press me for price I paid then tease me for it. So I am very used to be mocked. Bty, I don’t understand where and why would my g/fs have so much time to shop!) In any case, we made a date to talk more tomorrow at around 10:30am. Who said you can’t find love in the cyberspace? Wink wink … good night everyone! I now need some beauty sleep, 🙂


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  1. John Williams says:


    Just found your blog.

    I collect Chinese bonds, too. I have done so since I was a stockbroker in 1975-1983, and I was at one time the world’s second largest dealer, when I lived in Hong Kong 1985-1989.

    Good luck with your genealogy-based collecting. 🙂


  2. Thanks John.

    Do you know John F. Goudey? Will Kuhlmann update his book or someone else is doing it?

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