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The type of health insurance we have requires us to have a family provider who will take care of us in the good times and bad, and will refer us to the specialist should we needed one. For years we use Arena Oncology Associates in town, for the convenience, ample parking spaces and very close by. I have always wondered why would a group of oncologists willing to act as, well some family physician who dishes out aspirins. Over the years they have some turnovers, because the doctor who takes me had been changed few times, now I’m onto #4. I don’t remember the first one when I started out, then was an Asian female, then was another girl, Dr. Sager, now I’ve been seeing Dr. Stark for the last 3 years; once a year for my annual check up. Our conversation tends to last bit longer each time. As he was examine my back, asked if I had any change, pains… I was trying to avoid his touch, my back is still burning from last Friday’s assault, lol. “Pain? Plenty, my whole body aches after tennis every time, never fails me ..” So we started talking about tennis, family … he said he’s 56, but he looks and acts like a 76 years old. Do they have mandatory retirement age at those private practices, or small businesses? How did I fell into his hands? Maybe they assign the health ones to him? Hopefully they don’t have the billable hours the way the lawyers have, lol… I lost three huge tubs of blood!!!!

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