Meeting friends

Kids meet friends differently: can’t remember how many of Kinglazy’s friends just came up to me and asked for a playdate. Bold, direct and simply. Girls are different. Katie is the one Slowpoke met on the court thou Martin. They have same temperament. Driving her home after the lesson today, she said, “… there aren’t time that we can actually talk, like where do you go to school, what do you do …” So I take that she likes play with Katie, not just tennis, but meeting her as a friend. Katie is playing her first tourney 2 Fridays from now, and I told her mom that we’ll be there to cheer her. The drive is really have to come from within the kids. Katie watches a lot of tennis on TV, and loves to play, only for the past two years…. Martin is keen on pushing the girls to play in the tourneys … whatever his motive is, I’m glad that Slowpoke enjoys tennis now, and in part due to Martin. He had taken his bar exam last Wed for the 2nd time, will find out if pass or not in June. His plan for the future is opening his own criminal private practice and teaching tennis on the side. … If things go as I see it now, I think I’ll be driving both girls around a lot.

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