How do you take care of your wine?

The picture to the right was taken in 2007 in Beijing. (I didn’t have the link to the source and couldn’t find it now, unfortunately.)

The chateau’s Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP Global, was being built, ahead of the Beijing summer Olympics. The cases upon cases in front of the chateau were expensive wine from St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France. They were dropped there by mistake. The much prized wine were tanning, which was, unthinkable to most.

I took the following pictures in the summer 2014 in Shanghai. The expensive French wine are being wrapped fully, to protect the labels.

Again, the content seems to matter not.
IMG_8646 IMG_8613

The following pictures are from our recent trip to Napa and Sonoma, California. The guys are carrying in their purchases to the next tasting, instead letting them sit in the car under the sun.

DSCN7871 image

China needs some time to really catch up.

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