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Dr. Rosenberg (or something like that) is an oral surgeon who specializes in implant. He has a mild manner, 3 floors higher than Caravana’s. He likes to explain his trade from A to Z. After the first consultation, he set the second appointment. I took out wade of money under the mattress, and marched into his office, ready to go under the knife .. did I realize he wanted to educate me more, talk more. Hey Dr, I was not interested to become a dentist. All I wanted was have you taken care of me. How did you get there, was not much of my concern, correct? I cancelled the third session. Caravana suggested then try his roommate, Dr. R.

I was pretty naive back then, didn’t realize the roommate was just sharing a location. I didn’t like him, for his hands are very thick and surface are rough like a labor’s. But since Caravana mentioned, so I went with him. The implant failed. My impression was that he didn’t care much and wasn’t trying hard enough. Just “sorry, ..”. He refunded me a small amount $700, without a written explanation. After that, Wilk put in a bridge that lasted little more than a decade.

Dr. S in Bayside was an associate with Golfer’s cousin Carl. Carl also has a MBA from Wharton. After few decades of working with patients, he decided to become an executive with the dental organization. So we were all under Dr. S’s care. He’s not that charming. The only time I visited him was for a consultation, asked specifically for a written one which he never provided, instead aggressively trying to get me remove the newly minted bridge and do an implant with him. What was he thinking? I insisted he provide the written report before the payment. He threatened to sue me for no payment. Dude, go ahead, sue me .. make my day.

Dr. Rostagia (?) is also a nice oral surgeon in town. ..

Dr. Linsky is our current dentist in town. Kids like his hygienist Stephanie who’s cheerful and talkative. He just lost my removable tooth while fitting a flipper per Dr. Moss.

See, what a careless decision, poorly informed decision led to a decade long anguish. Oh, by the way, I have normal number of teeth (minus one) – not like Lionel Richie or Julia Roberts someone who seems to have hundred of them in a single mouth. One tooth, #10 involving all those doctors, pretty sick, huh?! 病入膏肓 beyond the cure, 🙂

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