Touching bar 摸吧

This 图文并茂 pictorial coverage of a Lanzhou 兰州 bar on West Anning Road, only 50 meters to Lanzhou Jiaotong University(兰州交通大学和甘肃政法学院之间的安宁西路) offers 10 yuan RMB for 3 songs during which you could, well, touch the girl. For a happy ending, the private room cost 150 yuan or 100 yuan on a slow night.

Geee .. fail to see anything new there. Sex sells everywhere. The place has been there for 4-5 years, it must have some sort of connection to the local authority.


一些只有在电影电视里才会看到的场景如今已悄然走近大学生的身边。或许是因为性好奇,抑或是缘于性苦闷。总之,大学生对性的渴求,使得“色情”这个罪恶的魔爪,无情地伸向了大学校园。大学附近的许多酒吧、舞吧,只要花上10元钱,酒吧里的小姐就想怎么摸就怎么摸,这些酒吧因此被大学生私下形象地称为“摸吧 ”。

Comment #10 stated that


I’m amused the usage of 做爱, making love .. it’s having sex, not making love.

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  2. I agree 闲着没事干.

    Hi .. you never commented on the sketch. I want to hear your opinion.

    And you owe me a portrait 🙂

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