The Last Americana

imageI haven’t been to Tiffany for a few months. Today, when I went there shopping, I stopped short to see the UnionPay sticker on the door. There’s nothing else on the tall glass door except this colorful reminder just, how far the Chinese has come.

I won’t be surprise to see tourists swamp the Fifth Avenue, but come one, this is the suburbs. It seems the last Americana has been invaded. Not mention the shoppers but the half the staff are Chinese and Mandarin was spoken. Oh boy, I waste so much time to learn a second language, only to find out holding on to the native tongue is the best bet, -:)

imageTheir shopping bags suck: never right. They don’t have skinny tall bag for things like a ball pen. They don’t have right size for a vase. I could have larger one but it would too big for the things I bought.

When can they get their act together?

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Tiffany courted a friend of mine, who’s Asian to work there. They hoped she would bring in diversified shoppers. She did work there for a short time then quit. I didn’t know her reason for quitting but the fact her husband drives a Ferrari might explain her short employment period. During the short time I was in Tiffany, could only say I wished for the old world charm.

image image image

I often go shopping grocery at the New world Mall in Flushing because it offers free parking for two hours with $30 at the grocery store on the second floor. The mall may sound impressive but it’s really nothing. Food court, hair salon, ice cream shop, small clothing stores, jade shops and a restaurant on the third floor. These two cars came to my view during my last two trips there. The third picture was today: the Chinese driver couldn’t wait for me to leave the tight spot. He pulled in and had to get out from the passenger’s side. I was dumbfounded. Really? Why can’t you park straight and have a little courtesy, like … let me leave first?

Anyway … more pictures of Tiffany and the Mall.

image image image image image image image image


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