Ellen Pao

It’s reported that the interim CEO of Reddit 鲍康如, after losing her gender discrimination lawsuit (filed on 2012.05.10) on 2015.06.05 in court, has stepped down. To get you up to speed, here are some bits
ellen pao

  • 1973, born to Chinese immigrant parents; raised in Maplewood, NJ; Dad a prof @ NYU
  • Princeton 1991, Harvard Law 1994 & MBA 1998
  • 1994-6, worked as corp attorney at Cravath, Swaine & Moore
  • 2005 joined Kleiner Perkins as chief of staff then venture capitalist; terminated on 2012.10.31
  • Dec 2007, married Buddy Fletcher, a former hedge fund manager after meeting four months earlier (Ellen divorced Roger Kuo)
  • Jul 2008, their daughter was born “One of Pao’s first calls was to Bo Fowlkes (Buddy’s ex boyfriend, see insert) to ask him to be the child’s godfather.”
  • 2013 joined Reddit and became interim CEO Nov 2014
  • 2013,03.01, Vanity Fair on Pao & Fletcher: Sex, Lies, and Lawsuits (pix: Ellen and her 2nd husband)

P.S. Her hubby suited a couple of times, 1991 Kidder Peabody where he worked and in 2011 the Dakota co-op building where he lived/lives. The legal fees between the two estimated at $40m. In 2012, his fund was liquidated and he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Manhattan.

Ok, she’s only the interim chef, so not a big deal. However, I spotted this reader’s comment, under Ann Coulter (not sure it’s the same Ann)

imageGet real, here are the qualifications at the top of her resume that made the rest superfluous. She:

  1. is oriental
  2. a female
  3. perfect fit for the people who hired her to trump their commitment to inclusion and diversity.”
  4. bad looks, accentuated by the de-riguer lack of make-up to give her that perfect feminist dog look employers prefer lest they be accused of sexim with men giving her a second-look.

I happen to think Ellen is ok looking, not bad. Oh well.

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