A heathen

I do not believe god created us. My parents did. IF I want to achieve something in life, I need to work hard for it. Praying to a god (not sure which one; or whatever one who’ll answer me?) without, i.e. sweat on court will not get me to level 4 in tennis (ok, let me get to 3 first..). The believers might opt to lecture me that because I haven’t pray hence I haven’t gotten to 4.

To different people, there are many different gods, as there are different theologies and philosophies.

IF I were to choose a religion, it probably be Judaism because it empowers it followers, it puts its followers on pedestal, it tells them they can do anything their hearts desire. No getting down on your knees to confess your sins. Very different philosophies and approaches. I like it.

In general, I’m fundamentally sound and relatively decent, not lost or misguided. Well, in my own point of view or IMHO anyway.

The modern world is founded on the western principal that is steeped in Christianity. China lost out on it, cause it had closed itself for so long. So the western culture/idea governs this world at large. Just look at the fact when we come to the USA, we talk about mainstream and try to mingle into it. But when the Americans go to China, they become the trend setters and the locals try to emulate them.

We Chinese are steeped in Confucius, just like the westerners in Christ. There are some differences between the two. IF we want to adapt into the so called ‘mainstream’ actually it’s the stronger culture, will Mr. Kong’s philosophies empower us or hamper us?

HOW are we interpreting the teaching (of the Jesus/ Confucius) .. that’s the key. In fact, Jesus didn’t write the bible, it was written by his 12 disciples and then preach to the followers generations after generations by the fathers/priests/pastors, etc. How do I know a particular Father/Priest/Pastor interpret it right, not mixing with his judgment of the world?

Obviously these two men, Mr. Confucius (Mr. Kong) and Mr. Jesus are kind of old and many of their ideas are no long applicable in 21 Century. Will we ever retire these antiquated thoughts/teachings?

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