Asia Society: Xi and Mao, and visa

ChinaFile Presents: Does Xi Jinping Represent a Return to the Politics of the Mao Era? by Asia Society
21 May 2015, 6:30pm – 8:00pm (file 26977)
725 Park Avenue (at East 70th Street), New York, NY

image image image imageFour accomplished academics, (at one time or another, they’re or were) put up a show last night at Asia Society. I enjoyed their talk. Orville Schell moderates a panel featuring Andrew Walder (of Stanford), Roderick MacFarquhar (of Harvard) and Susan Shirk.

Walder thinks Mao did well till 1957, was the only leader who encouraged his people to attack the system he established. Mao liked disorder, disliked stability. MacFarquhar, the Brit who taught Miss Xi thinks Hong Kong is still very important to China, can’t be replaced by Shanghai, just yet. Xi is trying hard to avoid to repeat the fate of Mikhail Gorbachev. Deng’s gift to China was to unleash the people.

image image image imageThey mentioned the conversation between Jimmy Carter and Deng Xiaoping when Deng denied there was any restriction on Chinese to go aboard/to come to USA. “10 million, would you welcome that?” Regime change is never predicted nor forecast.  China is carving the approve of USA, not from UK, France or Germany but USA.

China has achieved remarkably in the past 39 years but why isn’t she getting the respect from USA and the world?

The highlight of the night was Winston Lord who was the first one to raise his hand during the Q&A.

Today my child went to Chinese Consulate in New York to apply for a visa. As usual, the line went out of the door, around the block. With our past experience some were downright harassing, even my child was prepared to face the hurdles but ..

The black security guard was hissing everyone to turn off their cell phone, in Chinese, “guan, guan …” My child understood but a white woman didn’t who apparently had no clue what the guard was talking about. China has become wealthy couldn’t they afford to hire someone decent? 见人说人话

The adage that you only have one chance to make a first impression. But guess China doesn’t care. The New York consulate always feel like a bazaar, crowded in disarray. Last year I had a travel agency to deal with it. The small fee they charge was well worth it.

Another hurdle was the application form. It has to be filled on line and printed, handwritten isn’t acceptable. I’m thinking, why can’t they go a tiny step further, generates a number once it Once filed to save paper. Guess not.

The talk and visa doesn’t seem to have any correlation but I feel, small thing count. Maybe start from the root. Do not do things from the lowest denominator. The respect may come one day?

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