National Grid

The gas company had been coming to read my usage ever since. The employee would ring the bell and go to the meter in the basement many times a year. Most times he (always male) went about his business and was gone. A few months ago for some reason I struck up a short conversation with a talkative one who told me that the company will soon be installing a new gadget that would allow them to read from a driving car.
“Drive-by shooting?” I asked.
“Ha ha ha, you can say that.”
“Why not install something that links with your computer directly, without having to drive around the neighborhood?”
“Good idea but I’m not in the management….”

IMG_6897 IMG_6904 IMG_6899 IMG_6901

Today, a snowy day, a staff came by (he’s nice enough to take off his shoe covers) and announced that he’s going to install that thing, to allow the drive-by shooting.
My question to the company is, with Apple, Google and merits of American super duper technologies, you couldn’t possibly eliminate this step?

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