The Man who Owns the News

Michael Wolff’s book published in 2008 on Rupert Murdoch is pretty funny.

page 35 ..

His wife, Wendi, as she will tell me in an interview in 2007 – as she was finishing decorating the apartment-finds his tightness particularly laughable and, in a sense, endearing. “His whole family like this. They so cheap. When he ordered the boat” – the 183—foot sailboat Rosehearty– “he worried,” she will relate in a Chinese accent as pronounced as his Australian one, “people think it’s too extravagant, too much money. I said, “Rupert, don’t worry. All our friends like Tom Perkins or David Geffen, they have like this huge ship, I don’t think you’re extravagant. Your boat is not as spectacular.”

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