Citi Field and C


Not a bad day for tennis. Ben and I won 2:1 against Powers and another gentleman. Larry and Josh were there too. I suspect that few of them might just live at the USTA. Wish I had that much of time too.

Citigroup Chief Executive Vikram Pandit said in a letter to employees that the bank had operated at a profit for the first two months of this year and was on track, based on historical trends, to make $8.3 billion for the quarter.

So C rose a grand 40 some cents to close at $1.45. Big deal. Still a penny stock thou. The new development on College Point and Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing is coming.

Stadium Is Citi Field, but the Subway Stop Has Other Ideas: the transit officials met with the Mets over the last few weeks, in hope that Mets would share the $20m Citi shell out each year for 20 years. But the Mets said no.

Mr. Soffin [a transit official ] said $18 million had been spent so far, on refurbishing the platforms, painting the stations, installing new lights and improving wheelchair access.

I looked around, above and blow at the subway station there and saw no improvement what so ever. Who pocketed the $18m? It must be the greatest job to be a contractor to New York City.

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