Brother Sway 北美崔哥

imageHe’s been pretty popular lately with his acid and timely jokes. (His weibo site and sina blog) I think the first post I read of his was the immigration joke, last year. Over times, I enjoyed reading more and, more. The other day, a friend asked if I’d like to have dinner with him I readily agreed. So we met at the EverGreen in the midtown. He’s fun and down to earth. He’s also an empty nester and looks like he is enjoying it, making a name for himself in China, USA and everywhere. 纽约桃花 was at the dinner and she wrote this: 眼见为实的北美崔哥, 好一个实诚的北京爷们   .. It’s very much what I heard and how I felt. Thanks New York Peach Blossom. The Chinese New Year is coming and he’s in town (New York) to celebrate with the world. Spring Festival Celebration 春晚 has becoming a such production, I ought to watch it tonight.

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