JP Morgan Chase and Jue

imageThis picture shows the father Gao Hucheng left, with US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Look at their hand shake. Geithner seems grabbing better part of Gao’s hand, as if holding on to his dear life.

What is the ulterior motive for the father who welds so much cloud in China – he’s the commerce minister, yet was willing to go the extra mile to secure a banking job in New York for his son? The Americans like to say that three-strikes you’re out:

  1. Performed ‘very poorly’ in job interviews
  2. appeared to be  ‘irresponsible’ and ‘immature’
  3.  sent sexually explicit email to HR

I’m just wondering what did this poor fella have to do to lose? Daily Mail observes the following:

  • Gao Jue, son of Gao Hucheng, hired by JP Morgan in New York in 2007
  • Performed ‘very poorly’ in job interviews – but was offered coveted role
  • Also allegedly branded ‘irresponsible’ and ‘immature’ by senior banker
  • And he sent sexually explicit email to HR, according to JP Morgan emails
  • But despite his behavior, Gao Jue was kept on amid massive job losses
  • Father ‘said he would “go extra miles” for the bank if it did not fire son’
  • Federal inquiry has now been launched into firm’s Asian hiring practice 
  • Ex-White House Chief of Staff, William Daley, was also named in report


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