They love their country

Red Army (2014) is a short (85 minutes) documentary by Gabe Polsky. We saw at Lincoln Center theater on Thursday 1/29.

I enjoyed it. It’s about ice hockey game, in the former USSR, the Russian Five; the NHL trying to recruit them. The Russians are relying more on finesse – they take chess and ballet, than brut force.

Slava Fetisov recounted his career. In many ways, his was similar to China: the training, the obstacles, being isolated, eventual was able to play for the New Jersey Devils and won back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings. He then would accept President Vladimir Putin’s offer to be the Minister of Sport. In this, he showed that he wanted to make his country better. It’s the same as Li Na, whom was featured on the 60 Minutes the weekend before.

Many Americans/media/journalists don’t understand, in spite of the harsh treatments, Li and Fetisov all returned to their own country and trying to make it better. I felt during this interview, Li Na’s victory, Lesley Stahl’s  questions, were lead on. Lesley Stahl was pandering to the public. The American, in general get their idea about China from Lesley Stahls. The general public doesn’t know any better.

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