Chinese grocery stores in New York

In general I don’t have complains because I don’t look when I shop. My attitude is always, grab them and run. More than once the cashier told me that a few strawberries (or something) in the pack were rotten. I could not thank them enough.

imageI eat a lot of hot pot year around and have talked about hot pot meat in the past, specifically about New York Mart (on Yelp and here). The Koreans make better presentation but their meat are usually thicker and tougher. Two weeks ago, I picked up a pack of lamb at xx and was surprised by the good quality: thin and no garbage at the bottom.

Yesterday I went again and picked up a pack of lamb and a pack of beef (see pix above). The sliced lamb costs $7.99 per pound while the fatty beef at $7.59. I take three pictures of each, from the top to the middle and the bottom. The lamb is more or less stays true throughout.

image image image

However, the beef below is less desirable on the bottom:

image image image

Here are what the Koreans do with their meat

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