So you want to be a performing artist

A friend’s daughter wants to be a singer, is applying for a college now. NYU, Carnegie Mellon, Pace, and an array university in Chicago, in London, etc.  The totally number of schools she has applied is 25. (My kids applied 6 or so ..) She has been accepted by many. However, to get into the performing arts department, is another round of battle. Aside from application, it requires video too. If the performing arts department wants to give you a chance, then she gets to go to the audition.

She is thankful for living in New York. Because the universities in London have sent their representatives to New York to audition the American kids. As her parents took her to audition in the city, they met other parents from Portland Oregon, Chicago, or Toronto, etc .. The parents were all musing over the future of their kids: most of them will waiting tables.

I suppose audition means to the average applicants. I met two kids from our school, both accepted into Julliard. One was friend’s son who plays violin (he ultimately graduated from Columbia University, gone into investment banking) and another one dazzled us in their school opera, the Marriage of Figaro. It was our first time to attend school opera. At first, we thought it was a CD .. He was that good. You could hear him down in Florida. Reportedly Julliard came calling. The rest of the cast were impressive too. Our high school, is the only public school in the nation that put on a full length opera. And each year is a different opera. In the pit, more than three quarter are Asians.

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