A sketch

I was snapping pictures of the grand Central Park today and one of the two artists who were chatting asked me if I was Chinese.
“Sit down for a sketch. 10 minutes.”
“For you, $25.” Then he held up a board that had various prices. The most expensive rendering was $150.
“How come $25 for me?” Senior citizen discount or AARP discount 🙂 ??
”You’re one of us.”
Told you, good to be Chinese.
I smiled and thanked him.
“How about $20?”
The business must be really slow. I did have 10 minutes to kill. So to help the economy and the starving artist, I sat down.

Funny, the guy who did talking asked his friend if he’d do me.
The friend shocked his head, “no, no, no. You do her.”
“Too many wrinkles for you to deal with.” I teased him.
They all laughed.
(The subtlety or the little exchange between the two artists was very Chinese.)
So 10 minutes passed.
I learned he’s from Chengdu.
“Do you need a license to draw here?”
“No. America is really free. You can do whatever you please. .. ” he told me.
20 minutes mark had passed. He moved his easel closer.
The gray sky made my wrinkles hard to see.
Many people had passed by. Quarter of them stopped and looked, and many had given approving smile or thumb up.
He said few times that Asians are hard to draw. That reminded me when I was learning drawing with Auntie Spalding alone side of Yizang and Yi. I was the least talented of the trio. So whenever they needed a model, the fingers were always pointed to me. Also they claimed that drawing me was a challenge because I was very difficult to draw.
Well, the artist was less brutal than the camera. I don’t think it looks like me .. .. but reminded me of a photo that’s taken in Beijing in 1979. Wow .. that sounds like 30 years ago 🙂
I was 5 minutes late for my lunch date.
I put the drawing on the table. Golfer came home and asked ..
“Who’s that?”
“Your wife.”
He just laughed.
My kids’ reaction? .. they just moaned
I got the picture.

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2 Responses to A sketch

  1. yizang says:

    I donot remember that time all the finger point to you, also I donot think that I had chance to take you as model even once!

  2. A senior moment? wa wa wa ..
    So .. you owe me a portrait -:)

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