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There is a school of thought that (I don’t want to re-post it), although they oppose killing, but they see the death of French cartoonists is justified because they asked for it – they offended the Muslim at large. I really feel offended by this thought, am outraged. Whoever wrote this piece – I saw two people in my circle posting it – is someone who doesn’t really know what freedom and democracy is. Trust me, there are plenty of people with foreign degrees still think and reason as in China where there isn’t a freedom of speech. The residue of being growing up in China.

China feels she has arrived and wants respect. But really, she hasn’t, yet. Opposing the developed countries doesn’t add to your credit. No one will pay respect until you have earned it – those paying lip service, are counties who only use you as long as you’re willing.

How could the writer pens out a decent article yet failed to see the meaning behind these cartoons? I sincerely hope the writer is only out to get more eyeballs. 哗众取宠 that this piece doesn’t represent the opinion of the majority of Chinese. Just another Rui Chenggang 芮成钢, despicable.

This piece is an assault on the fundamental value that the developed countries hold dear. This is also the fundamental differentiate the arrived vs those have not. Human is the base of the society, if you don’t know how to respect each individual and their opinions, you don’t deserve any respect.


I’m a housewife, maybe I should only man the stove.


有种说法(我不想再重复它)- 虽然反对杀害 – 但他们看到的法国漫画家的死亡是有道理的,因为他们自找的 – 他们得罪了穆斯林。我真的觉得被冒犯了,我愤怒。谁写了这个 – 我看见两个人在我的圈子里张贴了 – 是不真正知道什么是自由和民主。相信我,有很多人有外国学位但还是不知道言论的自由的重要性。成长在中国的残留物。我真心希望中国早日成为世界第一.

中国认为她已经到了,希望尊重 …. 不过说真的,反对发达国家不会增加你的信用。没有人会敬意,直到你已经赢得了它.

想象下出能写出一个像样的文章,但还看不到这些漫画背后的意义?我衷心希望作家只是出于获得更多的眼球。哗众取宠. 希望这并不代表大多数中国人的意见。只是另一个芮成钢,卑鄙。




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