Dell hell

imageWhen I chatted online to buy an electronic, the chat operator asked for so many information, such as my home address, phone and email which was so irritating, which should have in my account. But she said she has no access to it. When she asked for my credit card info, I asked if she could put the order in my account and I’ll take care of it from there. She then said she has no access. I told her than forget it. Then someone called me back in couple of minutes to say he could take care of it.

“Fine, just put it in my account.”

He again said he has no access. I said thank you and hung up, bought something elsewhere.

Four days later, I received it. When I looked up my account, it is there.

NOW I need to return it.

CAN’T find the return label anywhere. I chatted up online but was provided a phone # to call. I opened the package which I no desire nor need to open, hoping to find return label but did not.

My first two calls were lost during transfer. My third: when a man took the call after 26 minutes, he asked for my:

  1. order number
  2. my name
  3. my phone
  4. my home address.

I only gave my street address. I really don’t see the point of prolong the conversation. The Mr. Dell the Operator insisted on my full address,

“It’s for your protection.”

Really? How so?

So Mr. Dell the Operator played god, he put me back online waiting. Anther Mr. Dell picked up after five minutes and asked for all the above info and then informed me that he has to put me to the return line, when I waited for another long time. At 52 minutes mark Albert picked it up, who only asked for

  1. order number
  2. my name
  3. my phone #

He pulled up my profile or whatever, and processed it, sending the return label to my email, in less than 15 minutes. It’s too long.

Dell site is difficult to navigate. I never run a company but shouldn’t the operator ask what does the customer need before asking for their information? Because at each transfer, the operator asks those info. I believe we’re not asking for a door pass to Pentagon, or white house.

Dear Dell, do you have to do this to irate your customer??? I’m sure you’ll do well without my patronage.


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