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琼瑶诉于正案开庭“能抄的全都抄了” (2014.12.06 in Beijing) and on December 15, 百名编剧声援诉于正 捍卫尊严竟如此团结?
Why the screenwriters are so united in this letigation? Becasue out of their 切身利益 own interests. Interlectural property is a new concept to the Chinese and they couldn’t afford it back 10 or 20’years ago. Now they could so these screenwriters (authors …) are demanding respect and protecting their products. Give China some time she’ll catch up, if not surfpassing it.



I bet many these signees were copy cats before themselves.

2015.01.16. In light of Swiss central bank ..  I’m not passing judgment on article but its copyright warning:  敬请关注!公众号转载我的文章,请注明我的微信号,否则以侵权处理,投诉是会被腾讯关闭公众号的,原创不易,且行且珍惜. China is impoveing, fast.

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