Why do I do this?

Today the Washington Post reported China admits it also tortures, days after slamming US ‘hypocrisy’, of a teenager in Hohhot being executed for rape he didn’t commit. I’ve read this in Chinese last month. I didn’t feel compel to write because I was not sure how true it was – giving some many errors and untrue statements/articles are out there, in China. It’s very sad.
image w post

Left pic’s the boy 内蒙青年因奸杀案被枪决9年后现真凶 高层指示将重审; right is from WP, caption: “The court’s deputy president meets with Huugjilt’s parents (R) to apologize and offer compensation in Hohhot, northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on December 15, 2014. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/Getty Images”

Oh well I don’t know politics from popcorns. Ok, how about being a popcorn politician?

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