Spa, yoga and thousand years old eggs are in fashion recent few years.  Ok, the egg is a joke, but you got the idea.  Rita called last night, informing me we’re going to Jialing’s new spa opening today. 

The 6,000 sq ft bi-level salon is airy and obviously new, but nothing to write home about, feels cheap.  Hair/nail/body wrap/facial/make up .. are on the street level, and spa/massage located in the basement.  Rita said the rent is $18,000 per month. They’re running a 50% promotion on a $1,000 membership, which you can use toward any services there. 

I haven’t seen Jialing for a long time, her older daughter is 8 now.  The hair cut ranging $16 to $60, I’m always on the lookout for a good haircut, since that’s all I need. One of the majority partners Jennifer charges the high end of $60.  Never used her before (I’ve been to her salon under the same name few years ago, at another location) her price is comparable with the staff rate at the Nu Best (top dog Michael charges $85) which is far more classy, located in Manhasset.  Long time ago, I used to visit a Japanese stylist on 40th Street @ Lexington, he charged $90 – 10 years ago, good at cutting crispy short bobs.  I stopped going was b/c he always asked me what do I want (to cut), and I got bored. 

I didn’t joined Jialing’s, the parking is so darn difficult and it’s couple of blocks away.  I laughed when the girls with thin English-only pamphlets in hands circulating around the room, trying to solicit memberships; asserting they provide “life style … relaxation… “ Lord, I just can’t image any tranquility in the heart of noisy n dirty Flushing, not to mention you have to worry about the parking meter while getting facial/hair/massage, all are few hours’ affair. 

Their clientele should be predominately Chinese but where is Chinese brochure?  Rita asked for one.  Another thing I found amusing is it never fails in a Chinese salon, they’ll tell you how dreadful your skin looks (needing the facial), how they can bleach my face, and this and that store owners come to their salon (prestige, oh big deal). First of all, do they really think I’ll believe their claim? And secondly, although I understand that most Chinese (or even Africans) consider lighter skin is beauty, but unfortunately I don’t care – I care more about tennis, swimming n outdoors, and lastly who cared if those owners come or not. They might be just making a $20,000 a year while cheating on income taxes. Not as if some razor sharp smarties who run a fortune 1000. I really think job training and knowing your patrons is very important.

So there was this lady came to me, after inspecting my face, she said, ‘you need facial,. we have procedure that can lighten your facial skin .. your internal secretion is not functioning well … “ then pointing to the girl who was washing Rita’s hair, “maintenance is very important .. “ The hairwasher’s skin is unblemished and fair. .. but she’s only 20. I bet she doesn’t even need a facial. Rita replied, “we only compare with ourselves..” She’s a point, lol.

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