An able lady from Shandong

This video shows a lady In Shandong province born without two arms who goes about her life as an able person. During the 9 minutes long video, she demonstrates how she functions daily, that includes picking crabs, opens door, wash her face, even making embroidery. She brought up three children.

  • 2:35, picking the string beans, cooking a meal
  • 4:28, .. @ 4:36 her mom wanted to throw her away, into the ocean. Dad objected saying to keep her as a dog 小花狗, 我才活到今天
  • 5:53, making pancake, and dumplings
  • 6:30, about her marriage to Mr. Li
  • 7:28 noodle work  穿针引线   绣花
  • 8:10 writes a letter

I’ve heard a similar story told by my card game partner who’s from Fuzhou. When she was born, due to hardship, her mother wanted to throw her away too and actually did. It’s her father who took her back, twice.

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