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Why can’t the Chinese grocery stores sell better quality food and present them nicely like the Koreans do? I just don’t get it. This is the first time I found they’re selling the hot pot meat the Chinese way – 4th picture below. (also posted on Yelp; J Mart in Flushing  2015.07.17 my Yelp post was removed)

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The Korean stores usually cost more with better quality. However, this time the mushrooms were terrible. The root of king mushroom was rotten – it’s me who never check. I decided to return – heeding my friends’ urging to return the bad grocery, reminding the store to do better.

image image image64
Because of the root, I checked the other pack of oyster mushroom and saw white fuzz at the root. Since I’ve never seen it before, I returned it as well. At the store, the cashier’s normal humble friendly manner was gone, in place was cold and unpleasant. She asked for my credit, I (kind of) told her that I didn’t bring it with me. She pointed to the receipt, curtly said,

“I can’t refund you cash.”

Waldbaums does it: once I purchased a loaf of bread that’s mold – me again. When I took it back on my next trip there, the cashier graciously took it and apologized.

She apologized!!

I didn’t have the receipt any more and told her it was purchased on my credit card; she refunded me cash.

I hope the Asians realize that we’re, in fact doing them a favor. The $5.07, totally not worth my time. H Mark’s quality has been going downhill. A few years ago, I never had such problem.

It’s sad.

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