I got a ticket while inside of the car

Two Fridays ago, my husband parked in a handicap space while going to get a direction (google map didn’t show where the movie theater is in the mall) at Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga/Buffalo. I was in the passenger seat, with my crutches – I sprained my left ankle. A skinny and tall cop with dark blond hair came by. I rolled down my window and explained to him. He pointed behind and told me that theater was that way. Then walked away. I called my husband immediately to tell him where the theater was but he didn’t pick it up – no reception.
It was 6pm in the evening. Five minutes later, I found a strong light behind my car and turned around. The same cop wrote me a ticket, when he handed me the ticket, he said,
“I don’t like to be lied to.”
“I’m not lying.” I was very upset.
“How long does it take to get a direction?” He threw the ticked into my car and left.
I did not feel being discriminated often in USA but this time I did.
My husband got the direction to the movie theater and thinking I was in the car, with sprained ankle, parking on the handicap spot for a few minutes was ok, so he went to purchase the tickets (inside the mall, a block away from the mall entrance) instead of coming back to move the car.
I could have moved the car when he first approached me.
Although I don’t have handicap designation but I was on crutches, thought could use the spot for a few minutes. Was it too much to ask?

An incident in the hotel in following night ..

University at Buffalo has a huge Asian population. The lightening speed that he came back to issue me a ticket made me feeling he has some kind of grudge (again Asian dare I say), perhaps? We just drove 7 hours to see our child and we were anxious to see him, pick him up for dinner. We would not have parked there long.


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