Putin in China


I’m really bewildered by the fervor Chinese has with Putin. In this post, pix #38 (pix 1)  “38. 探险,考古遗址。- Adventure, archaeological sites“. LOL omg. It happens, I gleamed an article years ago and it talked about his staged water hunt. I googled it: Putin staged seaside treasure hunt (pix 2) and Putin staged treasure hunt (pix 3). See something familiar? Huff Post: Putin’s Treasure Dive Find Was Staged: Spokesman in 2011 (pix 4). Does the Russian also employ 5 cents to write for them? Do you think the American presidents out to look east to learn how to spend their free time? LOL. The Russians do look like they just climb down from the trees.

I won’t mind if you want to romanticize someone (only because he stands up to USA? .. oh give me a break ..) but take the fabrication to fool yourself is entirely different matter. It’s sickening.

I’ve talked about his naked pix back in 2008 (#17/18 here ..), that’s staged probably too. He doesn’t really have a torso that is worth looking at, seriously. Please put some cloth on, don’t abuse my eyes.

Here he sings


38 image  Screenshot 2014-11-11 17.14.26 Screenshot 2014-11-11 17.39.13

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