Emergency for dummies

PremierCare (under CityMD) in Great Neck made emergency simple, efficient, and very much enjoyable. I have never been to a more welcoming medical office than this one.

I sprained my left ankle last night, and was being referred to them by a doctor. They located in an inconspicuous office building that I pass through almost daily yet never noticed them. As soon as I hopped in, I immediately took a liking to it: neat, clean, no nonsense.  The office manager/administrator told me to stay there and wait for a wheelchair.

I am healthy and visit doctor mostly, twice a year, OBGY and primary physician for the annual check ups, just to get my bill of health rubber stamped.  During my years in the USA, I remembered only two emergency room visits. One for my daughter’s strep throat and one for my eye being hit by a tennis ball. Both accidents were on weekends. The flaming throat was four hours long wait and the two intern doctors failed to detect strap throat. The eye wasn’t any shorter, and the female receptionist/physician assistant was rude and ridiculous as to ask me how many times a week did I have sex. What sex had to do with my eye being hit? A few doctors’ office in the city (Manhattan) were better but most of them do not take any medical insurance. Some of them are indeed on Park Avenue. Yes they’re that good. All in all, on average I would rate the doctors’ office cold, inefficient and poorly presented/decorated.

The staff in this office are warm and personable. They sport genuine smile. The wait time was short, in less than 30 minutes. The treatment room has no desk but a computer stand. The nurse and doctor enter my date into their system directly, avoid the medical transcribe process (I could image, less mistakes and less expenses). I asked the nurse if they play the primary role because I would like to use them. She said they’re primarily cater to emergency but they do have repeaters who come for regular visit. I would join them too. I think my dr is new at it so a guy stood behind her, provided hints as what to do with the software.

IMG_3772 IMG_3771 IMG_3777 IMG_3775

The equipment are modern, as far as I can see/understand vs many offices use the aged ones, as if prior my birth. The receding ceiling light at the x ray room were covered by pink and yellow cherry blossoms screen, vividly pretty and smoothing especially when the room is darkened – they have patient in mind when designing it.

The soft-cast is great: cutting off from the roll, wet it from the sink and place on my ankle. The doctor asked me if I felt it turning warm, I did not really, or maybe only slightly. My went to visit the doctor who referred me there who marveled at the cast, saying it’s the best (no mess ..).

Sensibility: as usual I joked without thinking, saying my sprained ankle was a domestic violence.  After the treatment room, I was wheeled into the x ray room and surprised to see the doctor was waiting for me there. It’s the technician’s job and doctor is never presented nor needed. She singled the tech to leave us alone and asked if I was pushed down the stairs. I had to laugh but at the same time, bit my tongue for my stupidity (My husband was at the treatment room).  Before we left, the administrator found an opportunity to push me and said very discreetly that she had to ask the question, since I brought up the subject.

Dumb dumb me.

If they’re publically traded company, I’d but it because they’re doing it right.

We paid $25 (for the crutch) and left. They’ll have to deal with my insurance and settle the bill, and get back to me for balance.

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update: they called today (Oct 2) to check on me. Thank you!

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