Aetna code 82306

This cap code is how the doctor who exams or treats a patient and then bills the patient’s medical insurance. It represents the blood test of vitamin D. Aetna states that it “considers measurements of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D experimental and investigational for routine preventive screening.” Means they don’t cover it in the annual routine check up.

And I was billed for it on my annual physical $88.49.

So I set out to investigate it.

Call 1: late 2019 I made the call to my insurance and was then informed on Jan 3, 2020 that an additional $59.31 was made but I still have a balance of $29.18.

Call 2: Aetna said the balance was due to 82306 Vitamin D, which wasn’t covered.

Call 3: called laboratory billing department, the doctor office’s billing department and the doctor. Everyone tells to call someone else. And the good doctor didn’t return my two calls.

Call 3: Feb 6, the Aetna rep Ty called the lab who performed the test (call the doctor), and the doctor’s office (pls call back …).

Guess my time is toooo cheap.

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