Lafite-Rothschild in China

Lafite-Rothschild ’07 Bordeaux Rises to Two-Month High of $8,500 in July 2013

After dinner at Chenglonghang I spotted wrapped wine bottles. Asking around and finally someone at the restaurant said to keep it fresh.

The following day randomly I saw the wrapped bottles at a wine store in Xintiandi. Incredulously, I asked again.

The staff explained its to protect the label.

“Let’s face it, the label is the most important thing.” He knowledgeably lectured.

“Not the wine itself?!” I asked.

He gave me a blank look.

2004 ¥20,800.00 ($3351 @ ¥6.21) , $926 on Wine-Search
2007 ¥19,800.00, $931 Wine-Search

For dinner that night, we enjoyed a Chateau Margaux 1983.

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