Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This 1994 best seller (for 216 weeks following its debut! John Berendt’s first) was soon made into movie by Clint Eastwood in 1997, staring John Cusack as the journalist John Kelso, and Kevin Spacey as the art dealer, Jim Williams .. and Lady Chablis.

Golfer said I saw it, so I guess I saw it.

We looked for the statu in Savannah (didn’t find it) but found it everywhere in stores. Lee was here giving King lesson and she talked about the old Savannah. Many have considered the book had ruined the old Savannah; and many are now trying to bring it back.
“After the book, every single house there became B&B. ..” Bed and Breakfast.

We went to the waterfront again. We were there 10 years ago during Pumpkin’s birthday in the summer 1999. We found the spot where King insisted of having double scopes of ice cream and instantly dropped them. He neither cried nor asked for another one. Pumpkin immediately offered him hers. That’s my kids.

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