So American

imagesan diego mayor bob filner resigned after three days of negotiation.
So American. That he admitted no wrong doing.
…. while America has been the front runner of calling everyone else of lawless and in violation of human right…. I take all those ladies who claimed sexual harassment by Bob just happened to decide to band together and accuse the mayor. Banks paid enough fines did not have to admit wrong doing. Financial institutes paid enough fines and did not have to admit wrong doing. Yea, innocent till proven guilty. … The other day I was having dinner on a balcony looking over MOAF, museum of American financial and thinking to myself, what New York would be without Wall Street – now that trading do NOT need a physical locale. In the past, when people mention $$$, they were talking about Wall Street and New York. Now? Timbuktu if you wish. I think the banking and WS has been sowing their own seed of demise.

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