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HKTDC’s conference in New York was on 6/11 Tuesday, LA on 6/14 Friday.
A little advice: bring your own breakfast and lunch. Oh, don’t forget coffee and water too.

The main meeting hall at Hilton (6th Avenue at 53rd Street) is packed, with more than a thousand participants. MC is a lady from Bloomberg. It opens with a short film (less than five minutes) showcasing Hong Kong. Then the President Chief Executive CY Leung and follows by Francisco J. Sanchez, under secretary of commerce for International trade, US department of Commence. Sanchez went to Hong Kong three times in the last eighteen months and jokingly asks for residency permit. The son of Zhu Rongji 朱镕基 Dr. Levin Zhu (Zhu Yunlai 朱雲來) is among many speakers. Some the speakers are better sellers (as usual) and a few are just down right sounding like a second hand car salesmen. Nothing is really new at/from this conference.

The film and many speakers all contested to the culinary might of the island. However when I got there at 9am, I didn’t find any trace of breakfast and even coffee is long gone. The waiting staff who are cleaning up said “in half an hour”. I should have taken that as the indicator. By lunch break at 12:45, the crowd is asked to leave the hall and all moved to the narrow hallway outside. The line to tiny lunch table is so looooong that I waited for 55 minutes to only find couscous and garden salad. As we were waiting on line for lunch, the staff holding the break out sessions panels began to circulating the packed hallway. Guess it’s time to go.
A few waiting staff circulate finger foods to the queuing crowd but all of them were unappetizing, but we the participants gulped them down in a record time. Hopefully the LA one is better prepared and funded. Can’t believe they have their big boss here in New York but no food … Four break sessions held simontaniously fm 2pm and on.

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