Mar 15 2013

peerTransfer and 支付宝

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p 1 1Using peerTransfer and Zhifubao or AliPay to pay for school tuition in the USA is easy and inexpensive. It takes only two steps:
1. peerTransfer
2. 支付宝

First timer please follow the steps below. For existing account user, please start from here.

PT 和支付宝 支付美国的学费即方便又便宜。 只需要两个步骤:
第一步: 上 peerTransfer
第二步: 连去 支付宝

第一次用请跟从下面的步骤开始。 现有帐户的用户请从这里开始

p 2


Scroll down 。。 向下滚动 。。

new2 1


new3 payee info

new3 1 kid

new3 payee
new3 payee country code


next 1

next 1 3

next 支付宝

转接到支付宝网站 。。

next 支付宝 page

Maybe they can add a gifting function, same as paying tuition but for the relatives or grandparents to play into the kid’s tuition. A marketing gimmick.

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