Comfort her with a soup ..

Mom, I think I got the flu ..
Oh no .. My first urge is rush to her bed side, at least her dorm.
I wish I could have our soup noodles now
Oh .. wish I were there too..
Among other things, I told her to drink water, honey + lemon, etc.
” .. but our cafeteria doesn’t have either .. ”

Think fast .. Ok, I can have someone deliver .. I called Whole Foods Market but their catering department needs 24 hours notice and the min deliver charge is $30.

Next best thing, I rushed to post office, and mailed her honey with two fat lemons. The next day cost $26 and two days $6.55.

When your child is sick, I know is not the worst thing in the world, but it’s the worst thing in my little world. That I couldn’t be there to help and to comfort. I stared at the Google screen again. Randomly called couple of other vendors. A girl at Wisemiller’s picked up at first ring.
No, they don’t deliver but their other branch does.
wise2I called there immediately. A man with warm voice picked up on the second ring. It’s 12:16.
Of course we deliver to Georgetown.
No we don’t sell honey by bottle but I can give you some, free of charge.
So, I paid for a soup, two lemons ($1 for two), the total came at $7.27
For the next five minutes I just stared at the screen again, hoping that whatever I ordered, could remotely comfort my sick child.

It was deliver at 12:43pm.

12:57pm: Thank you so much mom. The soup is delicious.

I’m very grateful to have found this place. We’ve passed by this establishment a few times, actually we parked in front of it at least once.

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