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I have been lucky in that I’m pretty healthy, don’t need to take any pills .. if I got headache or fever, I go to swim instead – it always works for me like charm. But this past April the night before I was to leave for home in Shanghai, I found myself having fever. Yishi got me this package of Aspirin as we were waiting for our dinner to be served – a huge pot of congie for two with abalone that would cost about US$50 – she said my long flight home would be harder to endure with a fever.

After opening the package, looking for direction for dosage, did I realize calculus was needed. Oh boy, thank lord I was with a smart engineer and had a calculator because my elementary education could not and would handle the math. On the package, it printed

  • 60 tablets
  • 25 mg

So each tablet is 25 mg? And for my info, 1000 milligrams = 1 gram, or 1 milligram has 0.001 grams. This will come handy.


.. But the dosage instruction is as follow..

成人常用量 口服

  1. 解热、镇痛: 一次 0.3 ~ 0.6g, 一日3次,必要时每4小时1次
  2. 抗风湿: 一日3~6g,  分4次口服
  3. 抑制血小板聚集则应用小剂量,如每日80~300mg。一日1次
  4. 治疗胆道蛔虫病,一次1g, 一日2~3次

For adult

  1. To reduce fever & headache: 0.3 ~ 0.6 g each time, 3 x a day or every four hours when necessary
  2. Anti arthritis: 3~6g daily, divide it into four portions – take a quarter each time
  3. Blood platelet: should take small portion, i.e. 80~300mg, once a day
  4. For ascariasis, 1g each time, 2~3 x daily

I took lower dosage of 0.3g, which was 25mg x 12

12 tablets!!

Am I fortunate or what that I am lived to write this now?  I’m seeing blanket lawsuits in this country -:)

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